Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First Night of Entertaining

As guests come and go, and my friends from Le Cordon Bleu depart, I am inheriting some interesting stuff. Amy and Kathy both left razors - not sure if it was accidental or a hint that I should shave my legs a little more? Amy also left some shaving cream, so I think it was a subtle nudge into better hygiene.

Shaunda from school packed up her stuff and brought me the coolest polka dotted market stroller, a two great fans, and some refrigerator extras, including some Tequiza-style beer, Desperado -- which I think Steph might enjoy. Or I will drink it while she cries about the lack of Miller Lite. Either way, I will be happy drinking Desperado or my cheap white wine. (I write that so often, I wonder if you google 'cheap white wine,' if my blog will show in the results?) I have the Desperado chilling nicely while Steph packs and tries to remember where she put her passport.

I was woefully unprepared for the night, and ran to the MonoP' (mini grocery version of the great Monoprix department store) to grab some last minute supplies. I bought some smoked salmon to serve on toast points, salami to go with the leftover cheese from a few days ago, a few cherry tomatoes that I sliced and lightly salted. Blah Blah Blah, baguette, wine, LU cookies. I boiled a few potatoes and used my yummy homemade vinaigrette. And served some left over quiche. It was a sad assortment of food, but French, and the company was really nice and didn't mention the weirdness of it all. I think I made out nicely in the trade - I have been coveting a market stroller since Day 1. It makes it more difficult for people to cut in front of me in line, and I can get many more bottle of wine than my usual purple bag.

Shelley, Shaunda and her daughters also brought me some Belgian chocolate from their recent trip - I love the name - Plaisir Personnel - it sounds kinda dirty. Yes, it has been a while, don't judge.

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