Friday, March 18, 2011

My latest TV Appearance

Watch me make caramel sauce with JC Hayward and Howard Bernstein of WUSA Channel 9 News at Noon. 

Link to YouTube Video 

Watch to the end to see the hilarious look on my face when I think the show is over!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Breakfast at Stephanie's

The story behind the chocolate:

In my 20's, I worked as a secretary for a stockbroker, unfortunately, not as glamourous as it sounds. My deskmate was a funny brunette, with a shockingly loud voice.  We shared phone lines, and helped each other out if we needed a break.  We 'backed each other up', which meant only one of us could take the day off, and one of us had to cover the phones while the other was at lunch, in a meeting, or even in the restroom!  

We planned the office Halloween party, I dressed as a naughty Catholic school girl, with requisite hickey and pigtails, and Steph kitted herself out in a very elegant Holly Golightly dress, making her own pillbox hat out of a I Can't Believe It's Not Butter tub.  The next morning we woke with massive hangovers and called to fight over who could call in sick.  As usual, I won and stayed in bed with a damp washcloth on my forehead, and Stephanie made herself a strong pot of coffee, filled a mug halfway, and completed the mixture with Bailey's Irish Cream.  

So in her honor, and her little dog too, and St Patrick's Day, I have made my newest chocolate:

Breakfast at Stephanie's -- 

Bailey's Irish Cream and coffee caramel covered in semi-sweet chocolate.  Creamy, chocolaty with just a jolt of loud coffee.

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