Monday, July 6, 2009

Is it Monday Already??

Off to another 9 hours of class today. First we make the St Honore pastry, then a demonstration of puff pastry and the corresponding practical. I am also one of the assistants for this week, which mean I need to make sure that all the ingredients are in the kitchen for all students. One a happy note, I get to use the dumbwaiter!

Julie Powell, of Julie and Julia, was at school for a book signing last Thursday. I ordered her book last week on my kindle when I heard she was coming - and laughed with her mistakes. The movie comes out in August in France, I can't wait to see Meryl Streep as Julia Child!


  1. I'm in total awe of what you're doing.

    I'm a hidden foodie and am finally putting all my cookbooks to use now that I'm unemployed.

    I just discovered your blog and look forward to hearing about all your adventures.

  2. Sarah- I love reading "your life in France" I read Julia's book as well as Julie on Julia . What a wonderful opportunity you have-you must do it now I'll always remember your beautiful g-bread houses. Enjoy. " you'll always have Paris"
    Think I love old movies?
    Take care, Caroline

  3. Awesome, Sarah! I love your updates! Always so entertaining... keep cool and keep the giggles coming! Happy Baking! xo


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