Monday, July 6, 2009

C'est Bon!

YAY! My first complement from Chef C. My St. Honore pastry passed his high standards with a "Bon!" (Good!)

My pastry isn't perfect, but it is getting better. I am so glad I took the six-session pastry class at L'Academie de Cuisine in Bethesda -- thank you, Theresa. I know better when things are in the right stage, and I am even able to help people around me a little. I am celebrating my successes today with a half-bottle (ok, maybe the whole bottle!) of champagne, I just wish I had some visitors to share in the ridiculous amounts of pastry and the amazing champagne.

My palmiers (elephant ears) and apple turnovers turned out beautifully, even though I didn't really mix the puff pastry dough enough.

I am not that fond of dead animals, and thought that I wouldn't be able to stomach the cuisine track. The cuisine class in the kitchen before ours cooked rabbits today. And very nicely left the heads in a bowl for us as a present. I was the only one who could stand to move the bowl into the dishwashing room. So if I had an extra 40 grand, I think I could do it! In case you are wondering, rabbits heads look frightening like cat heads. I didn't take a photo, and promise to never post a photo of rabbits' heads here.

Still smiling after 12 hours in the kitchen!


  1. Thank you for not posting the pic of the rabbit's head. I have a wild one living in my backyard and it would make sad to see a headless one.

  2. HAHA I had a mental image of a rabbit boiling in a pot a la that movie I can't think of right now where frizzy haired chick goes psycho and gives us females a bad name. :) I love that pastry pic - the first one - it's my fave so far! Pretty.

    Sarah, I promise to share champagne with you in three weeks. Actually, let's just get two bottles. hehehe


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