Sunday, June 21, 2009

Le Weekend

It's been a great weekend with Amy in Paris. Bus tours, L'Orangerie, lots of Nutella and baguettes, more white wine than I can remember, Musee d'Orsay, Les Halles, an amazing dinner near Notre Dame. Amy is a great guest, but she craves the Nutella like a crack whore jones for stuff. She also brings me bits of bread covered in Boursin and fills my glass with wine, so it is worth every ounce of chocolate-hazelnut goodness.

This is a photo of me in my apartment - where I email, blog and skype. I am so happy to have skype - I have video conferenced with my mom, my sister and my brother so far. It is going to be a great tool to combat homesickness. It is crazy to see everyone real-time, but weird because being on video makes everyone want to make funny faces - especially my nieces! Rose gave me a hug via Skype, it was so cute. Grace showed me her feet, and Lucy asked if I liked her hair - totally true to form, those girls.

I wish Nick and Tom "Happy Father's Day" today. It makes me sad just to think that I can't tell my dad how happy Paris makes me, and how excited he would be to share this experience with me. Note to self: don't wait almost 40 years to do what makes you happy. Sorry, that might be the 4.95 Euro wine talking.

I have been reading cook books like crazy - and can't get enough of them. My kindle is amazing, I can read anything in my window overlooking Paris. I don't know if I will ever get tired of that view.

Out for the rest of the day - Music Festival in Paris - Amy can't wait to get going.

Please send me some comments - ask questions - I can't wait to tell more about my neighborhood - which a guidebook described as " not for the feint-hearted." (sic) Thanks Fodors.

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  1. it was a great week! cried a tear or two on the plane as i left. I will return!

    warning about Paris train stations (and any train stations for that matter), don't leave anything of value in your pockets. This did not happen to me, but i witnessed it, when an Amerian family were trying to cram onto a train to the airport, they were being "help" ie pushed onto the jammed doors of the train, by some lovely immigrants... the doors gave a bit, and the family decided to wait for the next train, and then when the train took off, and the crowds disbursed, the American man realized his wallet had been lefted out of his back pocket. Apparently, the wallet only had his license in it, but imagine if it was a passport, as you are leaving the country! Not fun to deal with!


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