Friday, June 19, 2009

Grocery Shopping

The little grocery store across the street has almost everything a Parisian could need - 37 kinds of cheese, wine, beer - Hoegaarden in a can, Nutella, and very happily for me - Coca Cola Light With Lime! The gods are smiling upon me. And yes, I bought some Special K, for those mornings when I don't want to trek out for a chocolate croissant.

The milk here? I don't think I have ever tasted milk before, because this stuff is like a cream-flavored smoothie. I can't stop drinking it - with my Ecolier cookies (they have them at Trader's Joes in the US too).

Funny story from last night: Amy and I walked through the sex shop/prostitution/strip club area known as Le Moulin Rouge, and I pointed out a pair of black patent leather thigh high boots for Amy, and a very nice Frenchman seemed to think that was his chance for an opening. What does he come up with? "Hey, do you like sex?" I wasn't sure how to answer, because yes makes me seem interested, and no makes me seem like a prude, I just laughed instead.

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