Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On My Own

I took Amy to the train station (Gare du Nord) to catch her plane and went downtown to see a big department store. I don't have a shower curtain, so I was hoping to find some contraption to hang one with - my bathroom is very oddly shaped. BHV was recommended in my guide book, and it is on the Rue di Rivioli - a very good shopping street, and I had a great time looking at the ridiculously expensive home goods - There was a towel bar for 189 Euros! I wanted to take a picture but didn't know the protocol and would prefer not to get banned from Parisian stores.

I found a shower curtain holder that is round, and it might work -- but the huge SUMMER SALE has started all over Paris. Like Nordstrom's annual sale, but for the entire city. So I will wait until this afternoon to get my shower curtain holder - it will be a whole new experience to install it! It does have English instructions - phew.

I had dinner with Hakan, a Swedish friend who is finishing up an around-the-world business trip, near St. Michel fountain - my favorite meeting place because there is a street show always going on - dancers, musicians hang out there to make some extra cash from the tourists. The people watching is spectacular, it is like all ends of the world converge on that square. After dinner (quiche with red peppers, salad and red wine for me), Hakan ordered a triple dip sundae. I had to take a photo to share.

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