Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thanks Mom!

Just 38 short years ago, I was born.  I am excited to be spending the first day of this year in Paris, going to school learning how to make fruit jellies, eating chocolate chip cookies that Rebecca made for me, doing French laundry, and thinking of my friends and family that make this life so happy.   Thank you for all the supportive emails, and birthday wishes.

Mom, thanks for not sending me back to Africa.   Thanks for always making me a homemade birthday cake, thanks for letting me lick the beaters and thanks for supporting this dream.  Jeannie, thanks for being the older sister I wanted to be exactly like, including the chocolate chip cookie recipe t-shirt.  Thanks to Tommy for keeping "a good little f-er" in line, and eating almost anything I ever made.  Thanks to John for many birthday dinners, and widening my culinary horizons.  Thanks to all my friends who make my birthdays fun and full of laughter.  I love you all.

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  1. What an innocent looking baby. What happened?


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