Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coming Home? April 7!

Ah, so when I couldn't get a work visa, I decided to come home (duh) but forgot to change my ticket.  Rookie mistake, but I called today, and US Air changed my ticket without charging me a thing!  Seriously.  Not one penny. Not one mile, and the mileage needed is now 15,000 miles more.  Thank you USAir!

I will miss Easter and my sister's birthday, but I feel good knowing that I have a departure date.  Now I need to get going on internship, I have no idea how to rewrite my resume to include Pastry, it is very financial services oriented.  I would like to work at Citronelle with the amazing Michel Richard, and when I told Chef D, his eyes lit up because he worked with him in the 80's!  So, maybe, just maybe, I will get an internship with a famous French chef without the hassles of a French visa.

Chef D has a website -

So, April 7th is the date of my return.  I can't wait to get started.  I am dreading packing up 9 months of stuff.

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