Monday, February 8, 2010


The colored clay of Roussillon makes the houses beautiful colors - red, orange, yellow, peach.  It just seems very Mediterranean.  One house had the ceramic cicadas displayed on the wall, just like the little ones I bought in Avignon.  

Since Roussillon was even more deserted than Gordes, I took a peek inside the tiny church at the top of the hill, the creche was still on display and they had used traditional french dolls, it was very sweet.   My photo looks like they are running from a fire, but I promise they are headed to see the baby in the manger.

The public bathroom in Roussillon was a technological wonder!  Even though it took us 5 minutes to figure out, it might be my favorite bathroom in France.  As soon as I entered, it locked with a button press - which is important, not because someone would walk in, but because the lights go out if the door isn't locked.  There was an ample supply of toilet paper.  And the sink was marvelous!  I stuck my hands under the soap sign, and it dispensed a perfect amount of soap, then the water ran down - it was even warm - then the hand dryer.  All I had to do was move my hands from left to right.  Miracle! 

Random window shots in Roussillon:

It was a quick trip mostly for photo ops, and we got back on the road to Marseilles.  An easy drive and an easy find of the hotel - just a few blocks from the Vieux Port (old port).  Not even hungry, we snacked on some bread and leftovers from the picnic, but left the marinated garlic and tomato caviar in the car.  Not the best idea for getting our Hertz deposit back, much like the skunk-killing episode in Tahoe, but no vampires came near us for days.

Ready to climb into my sleep sack in Marseilles.  The hotel was not dirty, I just sleep better knowing that I am in clean sheets - I brought my own squishy pillow too.


  1. Looks like a lovely place. The light captured by your camera is beautiful...Regina

  2. Did they remember to leave the seat down for you?

  3. The colored houses remind me of Burano in Venice! Brilliant!


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