Monday, February 8, 2010

Chocolate Creations

A sad day for Chef D, France has outlawed 'cold spray' - at first I thought the translator said France outlawed Coldplay, wasn't even phased, since the government here mandates that one song out of three on the radio must be French.  I assume it is for environmental reasons, it might have been canned freon for all I know.  Chef D admitted that he has some hidden in the kitchen for us to use for our chocolate final.  Cold spray is used by many chefs during competitions building chocolate sculptures - the 'glue' chocolate would take too long to solidify and would melt in the area in contact with human hands - our body temperature is too hot.  So I am sorry environmentalists, I will be using some cold spray during my chocolate exam.  I wonder if it is the same stuff athletes use?  Interesting.  I will check the label when Chef D unlocks the treasure.

We are starting to learn the basics of chocolate building which we will use to create a centerpiece for the exam.  We will use a chocolate box, 16 cm, and then we can decorate it any way we choose.  Here are Chef D's creations, made with very little cold spray, and a few Chef D tears.  I can't think of mother-to-be who would appreciate the baby bottle cartoon character, but the French are different.  They even hate Coldplay.

Here are the ones we made in class following the Santa example.  Can anyone guess which one is mine?

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  1. Are you sure the 'baby bottle' isn't really a fire hydrant?!
    I'm guessing yours is the third or 2nd one down on the right?


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