Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

38th Birthday Checklist

1 - Eat three chocolate chip cookies for breakfast

2 - Watch Chef D make fruit jellies, marshmallows, jam and caramels
Read Steps 3-22 by clicking Read More below.

3 - Have a Pierre Herme pain au chocolat for lunch 
4 - Make fruit jellies, jam and caramels in class
5 - Pick up wine, cheese, pancetta and bread for appetizers
6 - Friends arrive to make Sarah's Steakhouse Birthday Dinner

7 - Dine on steak with bacon, onions and rocquefort cheese, mashed potatoes, and the best caesar salad with a few bottles of wine

8 - Open bottle of champagne and almost shoot out window with cork
9 - Wait for birthday Skype calls, and yell into computer about state of sobriety
10 - Pinky swear to forgotten promise after fourth bottle of champagne

11 - Feast on birthday macarons - all 12 Pierre Herme flavors, including rose and truffle

13 - Have tonic water fight while cleaning red wine off sofa

14 - Finish off last bottle of wine (that was 8, in case you were counting)

15 - Fall asleep on sofa, wake up in bed

16 - Wake up with headache, go to class to watch Chef D make sugar magic

17 - Regret 8th bottle of wine
18 - Take nap on table in student lounge
19 - Drink 4 hot chocolates with extra sugar to wake up
20 - Make poured sugar creations

21 - Drag home and fall into bed 
22 - Be grateful for good friends and that birthdays only come once a year


  1. Some things never change! Forever young!!!

  2. Love all these pics!! - Leslie


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