Sunday, September 6, 2009

Passion Fruit and Raspberry Tart

Another fine mess in the kitchen, you would think that I would be able to get a simple sweet pastry dough in a tart ring with no problem at this point, but no such luck! Again Chef JJ threw the ingredients together and made it look easy when the recipe called for 40 g of egg, he just said, "Pick a small one," Most eggs are around 50 grams, so I thought it would be fine to do the same. Ha! My dough was so runny, I rolled it out unsuccessfully one time, tried the blast freezer with no better results, added a bunch of flour, and finally on the fourth try, with passionfruit puree almost boiling over behind me on the stove, I got the thing to work as best I could. Not pretty, but it was OK. I then weighed an egg on my scale - 55 g! Which is quite a difference in a small recipe.

Another lesson learned: Just because a master chef doesn't always measure ingredients, I am not a master chef, and HAVE to measure the ingredients!

We baked the crust, made a raspberry puree for the first layer, topped with passion fruit cream (passion fruit, eggs, sugar and tons of butter - yum) and then glazed with a neutral jelly flavored with passion fruit seeds. If I saw this recipe in a cookbook, I would never try it, just too many components, but it was worth it in the end.

The tart was very good. And I think my neighbors enjoyed it as well. They all loved the almond cake that I made earlier in the week, my 6 year old neighbor across the hall even made me a little thank you note! It made me miss my drawings from Tom, Jack, Lucy, Grace and Rose so much. I talked to them while they were at the pool today, and one of them (Jack?) said, "Man, I miss SaSa."

I miss all of them too! I am happy to be here, but I really miss my family and friends, especially on Sunday nights.

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  1. Love the drawing.

    I'm not sure about the cake - from the pic it looks like a custer type icing. Not my thing.

    Btw, do you measure the yolk on a scale?


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