Friday, September 11, 2009

La Jamaique

Just in case I had forgotten, this project made me remember why I hate coconut desserts. Most people seemed to like it, but the aftertaste of coconut is just not my thing. The Jamaique has about 5 different components - each with multiple parts - the ingredient list alone ran for two pages - my notes almost three.

Chocolate cake for the base and sides, coconut mousse, passion-fruit/mango mousse, passionfruit flavored glaze and perfect fruit for decoration... we had to work very fast to get everything completed in time. "Chef JJ's Special" was the cake covered in chocolate glaze and even that didn't tempt me.

For the Jamaique, I added a small braid to my hair in homage, and kept singing Bob Marley's "Stir It Up." Actually, I braided my hair just to keep it out of my face, but I need a haircut so badly that I might have dreadlocks soon enough. I also realized why the rules forbid nail polish - I painted my nails red and they looked great before cooking, then I looked down after washing my utensils in almost boiling water, and the polish was halfway gone - hopefully in the sink and not in my dessert - which I gave to the nice translator from Boston - I should ask her if she found any polish?


  1. Make Chef JJ move away from the fruit stuff and back to the chocolates :)

  2. ew - i hate coconut, but it looks pretty!!

  3. I love coconut, but hate desserts that have that gelatin stuff on top - they always look slimy in the stores and make shy away from them.


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