Friday, July 17, 2009

Written Exam Today

I think I am OK for the test, I have the recipes memorized pretty well, and most of the terms are in my head. The written exam is 10% of my grade.

In the technical portion of the exam, I will have to fill a tart pan with sweet pastry - so a tart pan and a rolling pin are required for some at home practice, I am excited to check out the cuisine stores of Paris. I want to be sure I have that part down to a science, so I don't have to think about it. We also have the list of 10 items that we will have to make for the final practical exam. The yummy Moka cake is on it, as is the Dacquoise with the marzipan rose.
It's been a fairly good week, we have a new chef demonstrating, and he is quieter, but is very open to questions. Croissants and brioche are waiting for my next visitors. I left bags of treats on my neighbors doorknobs to make some room for the next batch of goodies - chocolate cake today!

Will post a bunch of photos this weekend.

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