Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tour de France

Team Astana leading the way into Paris
Alberto Contador in Yellow and Lance Armstrong in blue

What a day in the sun!

Check out my photos of the last leg of the Tour de France here.

I met my friend Jen at the Hotel Regina (near the Louvre, not the nasty one rented by the hour near the red light district) and we spent the day watching the Tour de France riders loop around Paris 8 times. It was a great view until the entire French police force decided to pull up their motorcycles and vans in front us 10 minutes before the riders arrived in Paris.

There was a little breakaway group chased down by the peleton (no idea how to spell that) and then a crazy sprint to the finish for Mark Cavendish win the stage. Jen has been following the Tour for over a week, so she explained much of it to me, as I have watched three stages, but only in French.

It was crowded, hot and really fun. Then we decided to have a glass of wine before she met her group for their final dinner at the Eiffel Tower - I almost fell over when the bill was 26 euros for two glasses of wine. I have forgotten how cheap my neighborhood is compared with the tourist areas - I usually get a whole carafe at my fave restaurant for 12 euros, or a bottle at my local grocery for less than 5. Have mercy on my bankcard!

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