Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Quick knife porn for you culinary equipment freaks. The knives are so sharp, I got a little cut from just touching the blade of my smallest knife. It is ridiculously that there are 12 other clueless people in the practical kitchen with these instruments of destruction at their disposal.

I mostly love my balance (scale) - all the ingredient lists are in grams, so it is fun to measure that way instead of teaspoons and cups. And much more exact, except when it is a pinch - that is still just a pinch - rather - dip your scary sharp knife into the vanilla powder and use what stays on the tip of your knife! No vanilla extract, the school uses vanilla powder - pulverized from dried vanilla pods after the seeds are scraped out. I will have to see where I can buy some to bring home. My shortbread cookies have little flecks of brown vanilla, which interesting, unless a student puts five times as much vanilla as she was supposed to, and then her cookies were a dark brown, but tasted really good!

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  1. My favorite spice shop has powdered vanilla! They are made of awesome:

    I spend a LOT of money there...


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