Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In the kitchen at last

How was the first real class - demonstration and practical?
  • Exciting
  • Boiling Hot
  • Exhausting
  • Amazing
  • All of the Above
We made diamonts (diamonds) of shortbread, one of my favorites, so simple, but ridiculously delicious. They are round, but the edges are rolled in sugar, making them sparkly like jewels. Using your hands to mix the dough instead of a mixer is easy, and makes a huge difference in texture. Mine turned out really good, now I have a serious problem -- what am I going to do with the results of my class everyday? I cannot eat this much pastry, but hate to leave it. I think I will freeze these cookies, so when I have visitors, I can break them out. Maybe I can try to send some home with the stuff Amy left in my apartment?

We also practiced our piping skills with a pastry bag - I am pretty good, but there are some serious artists in the class, luckily, I have some time to improve. It was so hot in the kitchen that the buttercream was melting as we practiced on the bottom of loaf pans.

After class, on the way to the locker room (the inner circle of hell, heatwise), I just couldn't stop smiling about how today went.

Six hours in the kitchen is tiring, Friday will be nine hours of class, but I know I will love every minute of it!


  1. OMG, I think I'd eat them all! Shortbread is by far my favorite...especially dipped in english breakfast tea w/ cream & sugar!! yum yum

    Glad your first day was so good!


  2. you get to bring home what you make?!? sell them to tourists on a blanket on a bridge!! don't forget to share with your nice neighbors!

  3. The "bottom of loaf pans" brings to mind a funny story of a friend of mine. She was baking some type of bread and the recipe said to "grease the bottom of the pan" and that is exactly what she did! Guess there are two bottoms! That's what I think when I look at my backside in the mirror!

  4. ohmyword you get to take home what you make?! I agree -- freeze for visitors, and also share with neighbors. I mean, if I were a neighbor who lived near a culinary student of any kind, I'd LOVE for them to practise on me :)


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