Saturday, July 18, 2009

Today's Plans

Fun day planned - a little pastry supply shopping, grocery shopping and hopefully a little reunion with my friends: wine, cheese and baguette. Note: if you decide to drink 4 glasses of wine to celebrate a test, stick to one type, not white, pink and red. Or maybe if you decide to eat a platter of cheese and smoked meats, don't also eat fois gras for dinner. I had the worst stomachache last night, but am feeling fine this morning!

Here is a link to the Dehillerin store where I might buy a copper kettle to boil a whole animal or a small child, wicked witch-style! OK, maybe just a rolling pin and a tart ring to practice for my technical exam.

I have been working on my marzipan roses, and they are looking good! The Dacquoise cake seems to be on many previous exams, so I want to be prepared for it. I am just not looking forward to whipping the meringue and buttercream by hand. Will get a big fat whisk today too. I hope I can control myself in the culinary supply stores, it is going to be difficult.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, how I love to get lost and drop a lot of money in a culinary store.

    Love the cooper pans, but have yet to get one. I think I'll get one as a treat when I become employed again - figuring saute one.

    Rose is nice and am wondering about the pic of the cake...


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