Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

Take a break from hotdogs, beaches and barbeques and read about Thomas Jefferson and Monticello.

Trust me, read it.

Even the DBB posse should stop with the Orange Crushes and read it. Miss you all, and want some drunk texts and photos soon! Thanks for the message last night, Hackett.

(DBB = Dewey Beach Bitches)

Full disclosure - my mom sent this to me, so all credit goes to Regina.


  1. Oh do I text you????

  2. HA!! all the DBBs send their love!!


  3. If you come to visit Monticello, I'll meet you and then we can go drink some Virginia wine too! I know it's not French wine, but it's pretty doggone good! Love ya! Tracey


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