Sunday, June 28, 2009


List of things to do yesterday:

1. Buy water filter.
DONE - at a bargain of 9.90 Eurosfor TWO! (savings of 10 Euros off last week)

2. Find shower curtain for myself and visitors.
DONE - 32 Euros for rod and 9 Euros for curtain. Technically it is called a foldable shower box!

3. Hang shower curtain rod and curtain.
DONE - one hour of precarious work balancing on the edge of the tub

4. Find metro monthly pass (Navigo) in mail.
DONE - next step, load 55 Euros for July

List of things I didn't need to do yesterday:
1. Buy beach towel - perfect for picnics - off limits to Karen, though
2. Stop at the wine store and pick up two bottles of the white crack they call Cepage Sauvignon.
3. Get sucked in by the Roti Chicken and eat half of one for dinner with the omnipresent baguette.


  1. was this the rotisserie chicken from the market?? find a way to send me some of my favorite white wine, please!

  2. LOVE that your Metro pass has your picture on it! You're so Frenchy!


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