Saturday, June 27, 2009

The irony of my neighborhood

The stores, other than the usual bakery, grocery, etc, are ALL wedding stores. It is as if David's Bridal threw up on my neighborhood. Mostly wedding dresses, but some sell groom-wear, some sell just wedding shoes, and directly across the street: a wedding favor store. When my french gets better, I want to ask the owners how they all located here in a three block radius. I have attached only a few of the local stores photos, they have all changed the dresses in the front windows, so I will try to post the most interesting one on a semi-regular basis. I bought my phone at a store that had wedding dresses upstairs, just in case I was buying a phone, and decided I also needed a wedding dress. Tati, the store of cheap goods (two of the things I bought don't work), also has a 'robes de mariees' section. The store next to my courtyard door, had a spectacular silver wedding dress, but I didn't get a photo fast enough, and the mannequin was naked except her crinoline yesterday!

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