Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Packaging

The Philadelphia Chocolate and Candy Show is head in Atlantic City twice a year, January and July/August.  Valentine's Day was the focus for much of the show, especially packaging.  Lots of candy hearts!   Two categories of exhibitors - companies who make things for candy makers and candy/chocolates makers themselves.  

Checking out packaging suppliers was my main goal, but I wanted to taste and  price other chocolate wholesalers, too.  I need packaging for my chocolates when they are away from me - like in a retail store.  I have resisted the boxes with plastic windows, but I finally found some that I think are very pretty.  And not crazy expensive, not an easy task.

I am very pleased with the result!  The ribbon is a one-off for a birthday gift, I will use my pink or brown satin.  I'll keep looking for this one from the wholesale ribbon people!

Now I have to add these to the website, which is  And to etsy

Go shopping!

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