Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lemon mac shells

Lemon macarons ready to be filled with very tart lemon cream. Sweet sour and delicious. wish i had some with me at the tax office in baltimore. Sales tax is confusing - tax on one cookie, no tax on a dozen cookies. I am not kidding. Eat more cookies.


  1. Those look lovely! You don't have to tell me to eat more cookies!

  2. Ha! I read this at the perfect moment. I am a painter/teacher living in the South West of France (me and my chef husband moved down here three years ago from the UK) I've just found out that I have to pay 22 percent tax on all the paintings I sell, but not just the profit, any incomings! Sorry, you don't know me and I am having a rant! I think I need to go and buy some macarons! (which look very nice by the way!) You might like to check out my husbands site at www.northbysudouest.blogspot.com (just on the offchance!) Thanks for letting me rant tho!


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