Friday, November 20, 2009

My welcoming Committee

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig!

Surprise! I was walking through the airport in Washington on my way to baggage claim, when two crazy girls jumped out from behind the information screen, yelling "Welcome Home!" Luckily, I knew them to be my friends, Leslie and Amy. Even more lucky, my ride home hadn't shown up yet (I took an earlier connecting flight), so we headed to a local bar for some much appreciated wine - no French chicken wine - but still good!

Then my mom, sister and nephews arrived and I broke out the treats I lugged from Paris - 4 baguettes, and ziplocks full of madeleines and shortbread cookies I had stowed in my freezer this summer. No worse for wear, the madeleines especially were better than I thought they would taste.

I will be home until December 29th! Then back to Paris for the final session (January to March) and my internship (March to June).

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  1. Hello Hello, I am from Newmarket NH! My good friend Mary Ellen asked me to hit your blog, so I am hitting it. Good job with the cooking school, I would love to do that!


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