Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thank you Visitors

Just a quick update on my blog statistics:

People from 26 countries have checked out my blog. France, Australia, Brazil, Canada, the UK, Sweden and the Netherlands make up the majority of my international audience. Thank you!

80% of the visits came from the US, from 39 different states! If you know someone in these states, please ask them to visit, I think getting visits from all 51 would be kinda cool - New Hampshire, Indiana, Utah, Missouri, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Alaska or Hawaii. Maryland, Virginia and DC make up most of my visitors, but New York and California aren't far behind. People in West Virginia, Connecticut and Pennsylvania check me out too.

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  1. You are a celebrity!!! Watching the world series...go Phillies!!! Going to game 5 - wish them you

  2. I'm WAY behind on Google Reader, but just wanted to send some Colorado love :)


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