Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gourmet Magazine?

Just when I really needed it, Gourmet is done! I just started subscribing this year and I have read those issues over and over - well, it is Gourmet or a 6-month old issue of The Economist. I remember when I lived at home and my mom saved every issue. Luckily, she still has them, and when I have a safe place to store them, I hope they will be mine!

I left my camera at school - hopefully (eek!), so I don't have any new photos, but my last few desserts have not exactly been blog-worthy. The milk chocolates were OK, the dark chocolates were a disaster and the Heavenly Chocolate Cake was from Hell.

Heavenly Chocolate is great, when made by an experienced chef. When made by me for the first time, it is a mix of overwhipped chocolate mousse, more like chocolately butter, and thick discs of milk chocolate, that Chef D noted in our next class, might have needed a fireman's axe to cut. Isn't he funny? For some reason, he loves singling my mistakes out in front of the class.

The frustrating part? He wasn't even the chef directing the practical - he just zoomed in, in his perfectly clean whites, and grabbed some chocolate off my tray. He might be a bigger chocoholic than me! As my friend Nancy always reminds me, "No good deed goes unpunished." But, I never listen to her advice or anyone else's, and as a gesture of international goodwill and peace, I handed him some extra little circles of chocolate, that I wasn't going to use, he took one bite, told me they were 5 times too thick, even for an American! Of course, he ate them anyway.

As I took a photo of the trashcan, where my cake belonged, he laughed. For some unknown reason, the dishwasher wanted the thing, I hope I didn't poison his family.

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  1. I was saddened about Gourmet magazine being shut down.

    I am still hoping some foodie with a lot of money comes into to rescue them.

    A girl can hope!


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