Tuesday, August 11, 2009


What am I going to do when I come home?

I think a gourmet food truck would be perfect for Bethesda - no crazy rent expense, mobile, fun. Then I would be open breakfast and lunch, some staples with a few specials, good healthy bag lunches available at breakfast with pastries and hot lunch for a few hours too. The more I read about food and practice, and EAT, the more dissatisfied I am with the selections in restaurants and delis.

My sister sends me the best links about food, paris, budget travel and other cool stuff. Here is a link to the best food trucks in NYC from Budget Travel Magazine. There was also an article about food trucks in the Wall Street Journal a few months ago, so maybe it isn't such a crazy idea?? I just found a website selling food trucks - this one looks pretty good.


  1. Sarah: Don't buy a truck until you see the movie, The Van, about two Irish guys who are on the "dole" (welfare) and decide to buy a burger van. One of the guys is named Bimbo, hence "Bimbo's Burgers" is the name of the van.
    It is from a novel by Roddy Doyle, an Irish writer. Bonjour? Liz

  2. In New Haven, CT there is a cupcake van. A fabulous idea in a college/walking type town.

    Maybe you could do something similar with everything you're learning.

  3. http://wheels.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/07/23/the-fast-moving-food-truck-trend/

  4. Can I decorate the truck? xoxo Hanja

  5. Why not open a Mexican restaurant in Paris? Cheap ingredients! Here's your salsa: 2 tomatoes, 1 onion, 1 bunch 'o cilantro, 2 jalapenos. Garlic optional, S + P to taste. We got nachos in Basel years ago: potato chips, baked beans and ketchup - god awful!

  6. You go get your truck Sarah Dwyer. I love the idea, and what we talked about to add the fun (the funny flyer/menu, etc.). I will be there with bells on...


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