Saturday, July 11, 2009

What is the Patisserie Program At Le Cordon Bleu?

The Pâtisserie Diploma Program content:

BASIC PÂTISSERIE COURSE - This is what I am doing now
Introduction to French pâtisserie
Basic doughs
Introduction to creams & fillings
Traditional desserts & cakes
Classical techniques, basic decoration
Masking & glazing
Introduction to yeast doughs (croissants & brioches)
Basic French Pâtisserie terminology

INTERMEDIATE PÂTISSERIE COURSE - I will take this from September to November
Prerequisite : Basic Pâtisserie Certificate
Artistic decorative skills
Savoury petits fours
Introduction to breadbaking
Mastering bavarian creams & mousses
Caramel & nougatine
Introduction to chocolate : hand tempering & dipping

SUPERIOR PÂTISSERIE COURSE - I am undecided about this course, it would be next year from January to March, I am not interested in Chocolate Art or Sugar Art. This course is only in French- no translators.
Prerequisite : Intermediate Pâtisserie Certificate
Contemporary Restaurant Desserts:Hot & cold restaurant desserts, including contemporary cakes, tartes, bûches. Emphasis on decoration & presentation. In- depth study of flavours and aromas

Chocolate Art : empering chocolate, hand-dipped & moulded chocolates, mixing different chocolates and textures, chocolate boxes and flowers, molding chocolate shapes and sculpture for a center piece

Artistic Sugar Creations: Techniques of cooking, colouring & pulling sugar. Pulled sugar flowers & ribbons.Blown sugar spheres.

Basic and intermediate levels are translated into English.

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