Thursday, June 25, 2009

US-based number

I bought a US number for people without Skype to call me.

301-825-8050 will ring to Skype first, then if I am not online to my new cell phone. It is a free call for you, free for me if I am Skype at home, and fairly cheap rates for me to pay Skype to forward the call to my cell.

PLEASE REMEMBER - I am 6 hours ahead of the East Coast, so please don't call too late. Amy just tried it and it worked just fine. I was home, so I called her back on my home phone - outgoing calls are free for me.

If you haven't downloaded Skype yet, you should! It is the coolest thing, I 'had breakfast' with my nieces a few days ago, and felt like I was in Wynnewood. Getting smooches from the kids is pretty funny on video -- the screen goes completely red, then black. I have to remember that I am on camera - no nose picking! Of course, I have a zit on my chin, and it was the first thing both my sister and brother commented on when they saw me.

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  1. on the phone it sounds like you are next door!!


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