Thursday, June 4, 2009

Italian Night

Tuesday was Italian Night at Jeannie's.  She invited her friend Adrian and her kids over for dinner and a play date.  I made shrimp roasted in salt, with a scampi dip, which were good, but I bought peeled shrimp by accident, and too much salt stuck to them.  Next time they will be delicious! I marinated mushrooms from a Real Simple recipe that was bland.  The kids made their own pizzas on Trader Joe's dough, I just didn't have time to make my own.  

We also had two 'adult' pizzas:
--ricotta/spinach/tomato - my favorite from Mama Celeste's in Dewey
--gorgonzola/granny smith apple topped with a balsamic reduction 

We started with a mango champagne cocktail and finished with a strawberry Italian ice for dessert. Making an ice is an easy thing to do with kids and it only takes 45 minutes to freeze.  I used this recipe from epicurious.  I am a huge fan of epicurious because I can read the reviews of how other cooks fared with the recipe before I try it.

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