Thursday, May 28, 2009

One of Life's Little Pleasures

Yes, I am writing about toilet paper. I ran out today, and will have to buy one last pack before I go and it makes me nostalgic for American toilet paper already.  I don't like European toilet paper, I like French chocolate, Swiss watches, Belgian beer,  Swedish reindeer, Danish design, Spanish pizza, Irish bars, Portuguese potatoes, Italian handbags and haircuts, English men (well, at least one, David Beckham), and Dutch pot, but the toilet paper, in each of those otherwise wonderful countries, sucks.

Two other unrelated toilet paper issues:

1. I didn't realize how much I used until I started working from home, then stopped working, and didn't pee on other people's time or in office bathrooms.  I think I use more toilet paper than my sister's entire family - we can split a huge Costco 128 roll pack, and run out at the same time.  Maybe I use the bathroom more now that it is just ten steps away from my office, my bedroom and kitchen?  I miss going to the bathroom while at work, getting paid for it, it was a small guilty pleasure that has been taken away from me.  

2.  I have never understood homeowners in million dollar houses, who spend $50 on a bottle of balsamic vinegar, and have the one-ply Scott tissue in their guest bathroom.  Seriously, it is the small pleasures that make life worth living - get the two ply Cottonelle with the aloe - it will change your life!

Sorry if I ruined your breakfast.

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  1. Sarah, you truly should write a book. Your blogs are immensely entertaining. You rival Chelsea Handler. Hugs...Jen P


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