Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bye Old Sofa

Bye Old Apartment in the Riviera!   It has been almost 10 good years, but it is time to say good-bye.  It has been my tiny home, and crash pad for my guests crazy enough (Karen, Leslie, Kim, Jessica, only naming the girls, as my mom reads this blog too) to stay with me.   The eleven inches of counter space aren't conducive to baking, and the lack of outdoor space is just growing old.  I will be putting most of my stuff in storage in my mom's and John's attic.  They are pretty excited to be the caretakers of every birthday card I have ever received.   I think I have the car storage figured out too, thanks to my friend Hanja, who might have an extra parking space in her office garage.

If anyone needs a queen sized mattress and box-spring (it won't fit up the attic stairs), please let me know. 

This means that I will be temporarily homeless from November to January. The third session of the pastry program will be from January to March, and if I pass the first two sessions, and continue my French (the last class is not simultaneously translated into English), I will go back to Paris to complete the diploma.  Then, in March, I will be looking for a job, AND a place to live.  Maybe I should have kept the couch, just in case.

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  1. Good old 804.. I sure will miss her. I will also miss the semi-annual reports that my tub or toilet is leaking into 804.

    WARNING! Don't read below this line, REGINA:
    You sure did get alot of mileage out of 804 (and that mattress/boxspring, too)! They will all be missed. (tear)


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