Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So-called free flights

I bought my ticket for Paris yesterday.   I used frequent flyer miles, but still ended up pay almost $200 with taxes ($115 of them French), and fees.  The same thing happened when I flew to Copenhagen with Jeannie, I know the airlines are hurting, but this is ridiculous!  If you are looking for a flight to come visit - check out www.itasoftware.com and use the Month Search option on the top right.  It is a great tool to see when cheaper flights might be available.  August - fairly expensive at $900) but September - reasonable at $750 - and yes, that does include fees and taxes!

I will be heading to Paris on June 15th, with a quick stop in Philly first.  I have no idea how much stuff I will need for this trip.  It's not like I am going on a trip to Borneo -- interesting idea though -- I am sure I will be able to get anything I need in Paris, it just seems silly to duplicate things that I already have.  

I will be in class from June 29th to July 24, and then on vacation again for all of August - until September 1.   So if you are thinking of a visit, check out flights soon, so I can add you to the calendar.  My place has a double bed and a trundle, as well as a sofa that looks pretty comfy.  Might be a little cramped, but you can't beat the price!

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  1. $200! That's horrible! It's funny because I've been upset about having to pay $50 before. Guess I should be appreciative it wasn't more :)

    Next stop, Borneo!


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