Thursday, April 16, 2009

Language Progress

Rosetta Stone Level 1 is complete!  It is pretty comprehensive, but if I hadn't taken French in high school and college, I would be lost in the grammar.  I ordered some practice books for conjugating verbs - Rosetta doesn't explain even the basics.  I wonder if I watch "Amelie" with Audrey Tautou repititively, would that help my French?  It would be more fun than saying "Le jouet jaune est grand." Translation: "The yellow toy is large."  One of my favorite multiple choice lessons combined theaters, arenas and gas stations.  

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  1. Honestly, watching any French movie should be helpful. Everything I read about learning language says that watching native speakers speak is the best way (tv, news, etc.).

    Re: conjugating in general: last night on Celebrity Apprentice, the Playboy chick used "forgoo" as the past of "forego". It was awesome.


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